About Albion Water Treatment

Our Mission

Albion’s hallmark is to provide professional expertise gained from many years in the industry. Our ethos is the correct solution first time every time.


Albion is a full-service water hygiene and water treatment company. We have over 25 years of professional water treatment experience in both Legionella control and treatment of commercial water systems, steam boilers and cooling tower plants.

Albion provides an effective professional approach to water treatment. Our core expertise lies in providing exceptional levels of service both in the control and management of Legionella compliance as well as effective plant service and commercial water systems treatment. We are highly skilled in the maintenance of trouble-free cooling water cooling towers and steam boilers, as well as maintaining plant and equipment to the highest standards.

We ensure our customers comply with current legislation and guidance in relation to Legionnaires’ Disease and other bacteria, including HSG 274  HSC ACoP L8 HSG274 and HTM 04-01 for our Healthcare partners in the NHS. For steam plant, we work in compliance with BS2486 guidance.

Albion water treatment was founded in 2019 in response to frequent requests to the director John Cantwell to provide support to organisations suffering from poor standards of service and lack of close attention in water treatment. More often than not, larger national water treatment service providers are simply unable to offer the close level of care expertise and attention required to resolve operational issues.  Albion offers this level of service as standard.

Big isn’t always beautiful! By retaining an agile and less cumbersome operational footprint, Albion can move adeptly to provide the correct solution first time rather than repeated call-backs.

It is this agility and insightful industry expertise that allows Albion to get to the heart of a customers issues and deliver effective remedies. Time and again we are able to react swiftly to our customers needs after listening carefully to their requests. Our expertise borne of years of experience frequently results in substantial cost savings to our clients.

The Albion Water Treatment TEAM

John Cantwell

John Cantwell

Managing Director
Alex Devine

Alex Devine

Service Manager
Harvey Lyon

Harvey Lyon

Service Engineer

Michaela Blanarova

Office Support and Accounts