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Water Usage and Systems in Buckinghamshire Establishments

Apart from domestic water use, significant water is consumed by establishments like hotels, offices, hospitals, municipal buildings, and schools. These locations utilize various water systems, including hot and cold water for drinking, bathing, practical uses, heating, and cooling.

Compliance is crucial due to concerns like Legionella bacteria, water purity, and preventing scale buildup. This involves addressing issues such as:

  1. Point-of-use (POU) Systems: This includes water heaters, calorifiers, etc.
  2. Whole-house/point-of-entry (POE) Systems: These involve municipal systems, pressurized storage tanks, UV microbiological systems, water softeners, etc.

A company (AWT) can provide equipment installation and maintenance to optimize energy efficiency, prevent downtime, counter scale and fouling effects, and ensure safe, compliant, and bacteria-free water systems.

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Does your facility require water treatment and know how?

The correct maintenance of water treatment plant and equipment  is essential for improving the longevity of equipment, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing the negative environmental impact of your operation.

In today’s world this is a responsibility we all share but even more importantly for manufacturers, system managers and responsible persons across a range of commercial and industrial activities.

Keep your facility running optimally with Albion Water Treatment’s coordinated, custom-engineered industrial water treatment solutions.

Water treatment can be broken down into different areas:

Domestic and Commercial System

As well as water usage in the domestic setting, establishments such as hotels offices, hospitals municipal buildings and educational centres use significant amounts of water.

Water systems may comprise of hot and cold water systems, both for drinking bathing and practical associated uses but also for heating and cooling purposes.

As well as the obvious compliance concerns from issues ranging from Legionella bacteria through to water purity and prevention of scale in water systems these considerations  may further incorporate: Point-of-use (POU) systems – water heaters and calorifiers etc.

Whole-house/point-of-entry (POE) systems – municipal systems, pressurised storage tanks, UV microbiological systems, water softeners, etc.

AWT can supply install and maintain a range of plant and equipment to ensure you are optimising energy efficiencies, guarding against downtime and the effects of scale, fouling etc and ensure your systems are safe compliant and bacteria free.

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Industrial Water Treatment

This process refers to the treatment that is performed pre- and post-industrial use. Since businesses from various industries use water differently, water treatment processes can be accomplished before or after performing business activities to serve the intended use of water. For example, water treatment in the Food and Beverage sector under the Hospitality industry is crucial for ingredient water used in processing food. On the other hand, manufacturing plants may need to reuse or dispose of wastewater, and water treatment can help in that process.

Industrial treatment of water for example in the production of high quality dry steam combines both our technical know how and service attributes. This may incorporate chemical treatment. There are a bewildering array of possibilities for optimising water chemistry but our valued experience can save time and money in the selection of the most appropriate remedy.

Our aim is to use our extensive knowledge of water treatment chemical solutions to derive the optimum efficiencies from plant and equipment. This also applies to heat rejection and cooling of industrial processes

AWT can supply build and maintain water treatment plant such base exchange water softeners, Reverse Osmosis plant and filtration systems together with bespoke chemical dosing and control systems to optimise and underpin plant performance.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater refers to any used or polluted form of water, generated after different types of uses and applications. Its sources include rainwater runoff and human activities. Wastewater treatment is key to removing any contaminants and being able to convert the quality of wastewater and turn it into an effluent that can be safe to return to the water cycle. Rainwater harvesting is a growing consideration to conserve and utilise a previous resource and Albion may provide expert knowledge in how to best achieve these aims.

If there is one thing you can focus on to immediately see results, it’s the proper treatment of your process water. Without the right integration of process water treatment and purification technologies, you risk scaling in pipework  and the fouling of expensive equipment, increased organic growth, high total dissolved solids, and a host of other problems that affect the quality of your product and service life of your equipment.

An effectively engineered system will treat your facility’s water so it is more appropriate for a given use, whether for consumption, manufacturing, or even waste purposes.

Some of the most ubiquitous industrial water treatment systems typically include:

  • Raw water treatment systems such as filtration, softening and
  • Boiler water treatment systems
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems
  • Demineralisation and ultrapure water treatment such as Reverse Osmosis plant

Albion Water Treatment Ltd field a trained team of installation engineers who are capable of servicing and installing your water treatment systems.

  • Do you know if your systems are operating correctly?
  • Scaled boilers and heat exchangers costing you extra fuel and electricity?
  • Is your water softener passing hard water?
  • Are you concerned about the condition of your water systems and pipework?
  • Problems with steam boilers and closed systems?

Albion Water Treatment Ltd provide the following services:

Installation • Refurbishment • Servicing • Disinfection of Water Systems • Chemical cleans of Boilers, Closed Systems and Cooling Towers.

Do you have any of the following systems and are you up to date
with your servicing requirements?

  • Cold Water Storage Tanks –replacement, Painting, Lining, refurbishment, tank support issues
  • Chemical Dosing Plant –chlorine dioxide, bromine, chlorine etc – service and installation
  • Water Softeners Reverse Osmosis and Filtration Plant – service and installation
  • Steam Boiler dosing and control systems and maintenance
  • RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Valves – mandatory annual service and installation
  • Cooling Tower Refurbishment and  Maintenance
  • Water Remedial Works from Legionella Risk Assessments

Please call to arrange a meeting and free survey so that we may discuss and explore practical solutions to your existing system requirements.

Other Services

Albion Water Treatment, Water Treatment UK, Steam Boilers UK, Legionella Control UK, Water Treatment Plant UK, Water Treatment Equiptment UK

Legionella Control

Compliance management, and risk assessment cleaning and disinfection to ensure compliance with ACOP HSG274. From healthcare to hospitality we’ll help ensure your water systems are compliant with legionella legislation.

Albion Water Treatment, Water Treatment UK, Steam Boilers UK, Legionella Control UK, Water Treatment Plant UK, Water Treatment Equiptment UK


Steam boilers are often at the heart of production facilities. We provide bespoke treatment solutions to maintain and optimise your plant equipment.