Legionella Testing

Legionella Compliance

Legionnaires' Disease Control and Prevention

Learn more about Legionella disease and how we can help control and prevent contamination

A Brief Guide to Legionella Disease for Duty Holders

As a duty holder, you have a legal duty to carry out a risk assessment to identify and assess whether there is a risk posed by exposure to Legionella from the hot and cold water system or any work associated with it.

Treatment Strategies

We provide highly recommended treatment strategies for buildings with hot and cold water systems

Water Treatment Plant & Equipment

Does Your Facility Require Water Treatment?

The correct maintenance of water treatment plant and equipment  is essential for improving the longevity of equipment, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing the negative environmental impact of your operation.


As well as water usage in the domestic setting, establishments such as hotels offices, hospitals municipal buildings and educational centres use significant amounts of water.


Industrial treatment of water for example in the production of high quality dry steam combines both our technical know how and service attributes. This may incorporate chemical treatment. There are a bewildering array of possibilities for optimising water chemistry but our valued experience can save time and money in the selection of the most appropriate remedy.

Designing Water Treatment Plant
Steam Boilers And Steam Raising Plant

Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers:
Steam production has evolved into an efficient system that supports global economic development. In the UK, steam is vital for modern production systems. Steam boilers come in various sizes and complexities, from small units powered by gas or electricity for specific applications, to large plants fueled by natural gas, oil, or sustainable biomass. These boilers play a crucial role in generating steam for diverse purposes.

Steam Raising Plant:
Steam raising plants are integral to manufacturing, food production, and healthcare sectors. Steam finds applications in powering production processes, such as manufacturing and corrugating, cooking in the food and beverage industry, and sanitation in healthcare. It's also used for efficient space heating through modern plate heat exchangers. Properly treating water that feeds steam boilers is essential for maintaining efficient, safe, and compliant energy generation, minimizing costs, and preventing failures.

The team of engineers bring a wealth of experience in the treatment of your water systems throughout Surrey. Our chemists and technical staff hold postgraduate and doctoral science qualifications. This level of knowledge and qualifications sets us apart from the competition.

Whatever the application, we have the water treatment solution for you.